business news announces the official completion of Series A funding round announces the official completion of Series A funding round announces the official completion of Series A funding round
  • io generated a revenue of USD 7.6 million post the completion of Series A funding round.
  • The funding is expected to present full stack development and management platform for devoted android devices like tablets, mobile payment devices, etc. recently announced the completion of its Series A funding round for the development and management platform built for dedicated android devices. Moreover, the company generated a valuation of USD 7.6 million through the funding round, which was led by Madrona Venture Group, and witnessed the participated from all seed investors globally. Esper, an application development platform for vivid users, offers services for the creation, implementation, upgradation, and monitoring of remote smart touch screen devices and associated applications. The proliferation of these android based devices, like tablets, mobile payment devices, and others is rapidly increasing providing a spur to product growth. Speaking on these lines, the overall market is expanding at 26 per cent annually with over more than 7 million developers working on the applications globally for these devices. As per reliable reports, Esper’s full stack offering prompts various companies to effectively develop, manage, and analyze these devices securely across the various versions of Android and device types. Speaking on the matter, the co-founder and CEO of Esper, Yadhu Gopalan cited that Esper enables the engineering teams to implement their applications over dedicated and mission-critical devices with ease and confidence, considering the company’s vision to offer a platform for its customers to focus on the seamless user experience. He further added that Esper is delighted to have the backend support of investors who have helped expand the team and further scale the business. Meanwhile, Terry Myerson, Venture Partner at Madrona Venture Group commented that Esper brings years of platform, retail, mobile, and customer experience at Amazon, Microsoft, and Samsung to the concerns pertaining to maintenance, deployment, and analysis of remote devices. Its platform offers a clean end to end experience for companies establishing these important networks with an ease of operation feature. Source credit:

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