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Sia announces launch of Skynet platform for peer to peer storage

Sia announces launch of Skynet platform for peer to peer storage
Sia announces launch of Skynet platform for peer to peer storage
  • The cloud storage platform has unveiled a CDN and web hosting platform, Skynet to bolster the file storage.
  • Skynet platform is aimed for public web hosting.
The American cloud storage company, Sia, has reportedly launched a content delivery network (CDN) and web hosting platform Skynet to suffice the requirements across file storage system. Skynet platform offers a blockchain based peer to peer file storage system, which enables the users and developers to upload files and applications. Apparently, these files stay online as long as at least one peer pins the file. As per credible reports, the company’s Skynet service is expected to be distinguished from its main file hosting service, which is economically inviable. Moreover, it is intended as a private cloud storage for individual users and public web hosting. It has been claimed that the platform is being developed to support encrypted private data which is currently unavailable. Furthermore, as of now, anyone can upload a file to Skynet via different web portals through Sia’s command-line client, or web applications like Pastebin alike text uploader. However, no claims have been made on restricting the uploads per user or file sizes to prevent spam. According to the company officials, Skynet nodes experience nearly USD 10 of additional transaction fees every month, putting forth the fact that the platform’s network capacity is huge and not an immediate concern. Although Skynet is completely free for now, it might accept microtransactions via Lighting Network and other channels in the upcoming days to felicitate the profitability. Skynet powered by Sia, is not the only web hosting platform of its type. Filecoin’s IPFS project, launched in 2015, serves a similar purpose altogether. Additionally, TRON’s NKN and BitTorrent File System services are other two decentralized, blockchain-integrated platforms designed for web hosting and content delivery. Source credit:

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