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Sky Seal rolls out Phoenix Lending for digital asset deposition

Sky Seal rolls out Phoenix Lending for digital asset deposition
Sky Seal rolls out Phoenix Lending for digital asset deposition
  • The platform allows a minimum deposition of USD 100 in the currencies of Tether and Bitcoin.
  • Company is supported by Strategic partner, Bincentive.
Hong-Kong based Sky Seal Capital has reportedly unveiled a platform that allows users to deposit digital asset meanwhile earning interest, Phoenix Lending. Apparently, the platform service has been made live from 1st February to 1st March 2020 in various phases, introducing products of varied annualized interest rates. It has been reported that currently, the target currencies for asset deposition are Tether and Bitcoin. Moreover, the interest payoff date is set at the end of every month commencing from March this year. The management authority of Sky Seal Capital has employed AI strategy combination module that integrates more than over 90 types of diverse technologies, such as dynamic management for cutting edge strategic combinations. Ever since 2013, the overall performance growth of the company has been expanding at a rate of 30 per cent. As per reliable reports, Sky Seal Capital’s Phoenix platform is supported by one of the strategic partners, Bincentive which is a decentralized asset management service. The on-chain match making platform has adopted an investment strategy designed for digital asset trading and produced a ‘Smart Trend Follow’ where the historical data for all performances and orders are written on blockchain. Speaking on the platform launch, the representative of Phoenix Lending and Sky Seal Capital, Michael Yu cited that the company and platform, unitedly aim at minimizing the operational costs by promoting digitalization withing the company, reducing the brand cost, and making full use of AI, in order to return profits to investors. He further added that the company’s goal is to share profits and expand the market with customers in a means of robust security. Meanwhile, the Founder of Bincentive, Dr. Chao-Ming Cho commented that the company potentially addresses the needs of conservative and venture capital investors to maximize the profit. Moreover, the introduction of Phoenix is a new option for asset management in the investment market. Source credit:

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