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InMoment and MaritzCX team up to bolster customer experience (CX)

InMoment and MaritzCX team up to bolster customer experience (CX)
InMoment and MaritzCX team up to bolster customer experience (CX)

InMoment and MaritzCX have inked a deal to come together to boost customer experience (CX). Both the companies are expected to underpin more than 2,000 leading brands with a global team of 1,500 strong employees based in 20 offices expanding in North America, Asia and Europe.

Andrew Joiner, CEO of InMoment, stated the challenges to keep up with the ever-increasing consumer expectations. Elaborating on the soaring consumer expectations, he emphasized the need to have an experience program for businesses which will help in analyzing, monitoring, understanding and enhancing the total customer experience with what he called as a “true agility.”

Joiner appeared to be ecstatic to have witnessed the collaboration of two massive companies in a quest to innovate to create the better future.

Under the aegis of Madison Dearborn Partners, a major private equity firm based in Chicago, the combined company allegedly has an elite list of clients which includes staggering 90% of the world’s automotive companies, 40% of the leading hospitality companies, almost 20% of the top 50 retailers and eight out of 10 of the leading banks.

Mike Sinoway, President and CEO at MaritzCX, stressed on the need of a disruptive approach to bring a paradigm shift in the way businesses strive to enhance results and experiences. He went on to add that the combined company would provide a transformative approach to improving the customer experience and would be ideal for stakeholders, including clients, employees and the market.

According to reports, clients of both the companies are touted to have access to improved technical functionality while future-proofing and safe-guarding their investment.

Andrew Joiner is poised to head the combined organization as CEO, while John Lewis will continue to head the BoD. The transaction is anticipated to close in early March this year.

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