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90% of UK’s petrol pumps run dry due to ongoing truck driver shortage

90% of UK’s petrol pumps run dry due to ongoing truck driver shortage
90% of UK’s petrol pumps run dry due to ongoing truck driver shortage

Several petrol stations across the United Kingdom are reportedly running dry as a flurry of panic buying has further exacerbated supply shortages caused by the ongoing scarcity of truck drivers.

On Sunday, despite the Government’s assurances that the UK is not running short of fuel, long lines of automobiles were seen snaking back from filling stations throughout the nation, consuming reserve supplies and causing several retailers to shut up shop.

According to Petrol Retailers Association chairman, Brian Madderson, some of the association's members, big groups with a large number of sites, claim that 50% were running dry as of Monday, others even report as much as 90% are dry as of yesterday.

Independent gasoline merchants account for 65% of all forecourts in the UK, according to the Petrol Retailers Association.

Madderson explained that it is quite overt that the issue is acute, warning that the start of the week would be drier than usual.

Andrew Simmons, a Al Jazeera reporter, reporting from outside a petrol station in London stated that people were franticly trying to stockpile fuel utilizing jerry cans. Andrew elaborated that the UK government has gotten itself into a major mess, to that point that it is spiraling out of control.

As a result of the panic buying, the UK government also suspended competition regulations and allowed firms to work together to alleviate shortages. According to British oil giant BP, nearly a third of its outlets across the nation had run out of the two major grades of fuel; unleaded petrol and diesel.

The suspension, according to Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng, would allow companies to share information and coordinate their responses.

The business department stated that this move will allow the UK government to work proactively with fuel suppliers, producers, retailers, and haulers to ensure that disruption is reduced as much as possible.

To help alleviate the situation in the world's fifth-largest economy, Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Conservative government has proposed granting 5,000 foreign truck drivers temporary licenses.

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