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ABLIC introduces battery protection IC for 1-cell pack S-82D1A Series

ABLIC introduces battery protection IC for 1-cell pack S-82D1A Series
ABLIC introduces battery protection IC for 1-cell pack S-82D1A Series

Japan-based analog semiconductor manufacturer ABLIC Inc. has reportedly launched a new battery protection IC for 1-cell pack S-82D1A Series. Sources with relevant information stated that the new battery protection IC not only offers temperature protection, but also provides with charge & discharge control functions.

Reportedly, the noise resistant product can monitor up to four temperatures using the temperature protection system. The heat protection function of the battery protection IC helps in monitoring the rise and fall in temperature of the device, thereby enhancing product safety and reducing the power consumption.

According to industry experts, temperature protection can be achieved by connecting an NTC thermistor to a specific connection pin. On the other hand, detection delay times are produced by an internal circuit thus eliminating the need for external capacitors.

The charge and discharge control functions apparently use external signals to prevent battery pack from charging and discharging. Experts cite that the accuracy of the overcharged detection voltage is about as high as ±15mV whereas the consumption levels during operation and protection max out at 5μA.

For those uninitiated, the S-82D1A series is a protection IC which is used for protecting lithium-ion rechargeable as well as in lithium polymer rechargeable batteries from overcurrent, discharge, and overcharge. The product is widely used in electronic shaver, activity monitoring devices, and glass-like devices. Moreover, it can also be used in tablet PC, headsets, smartwatches, and smartphones.


Founded in 1993, ABLIC Inc. has over 20 years of experience as a leading manufacturer of protection ICs for lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. The company offers 1,750 battery protection ICs covering wide range of protection functions, applications, and cell counts. It is also known for developing safe battery packs with high accuracy, reduced current consumption, and compact size.

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