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AFK Arena launches new website featuring tips & guides for RPG game

AFK Arena launches new website featuring tips & guides for RPG game
AFK Arena launches new website featuring tips & guides for RPG game

AFK Arena, which is owned by China’s 3rd largest game developer Lilith Games, has reportedly unveiled a new website which includes tips and guides for the role playing game. The website apparently comprises of new features such as Arcane Labyrinth Guide & Tips, Best Tips for New Players, Voyage of Wonders Guide, and Winter Bounties Guides. The game has a large base of fans and players are constantly on the lookout for AFK Arena news, tips and guides, sources claimed.

According to industry experts, AFK Arena has been gaining worldwide popularity owing to its addictive gameplay as well as its distinctive graphics and art style. The combination of these factors has seemingly given the game an edge in online gaming space with less competition.

A spokesperson from AFK Arena was reported saying that the new fansite will not only provide gamers with better experience, but also will offer them with knowledge as per the guides.

In the other news, Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. has reportedly entered a joint venture agreement with Lilith Games as well as Singapore-based IGG in order to provide three of the top five grossing mobile games in its phones. This development comes along the heels of AppGallery’s increasing popularity and large consumer base.

For those uninitiated, AFK Arena is a type of hero-collection role-playing game that allows players to acquire and create personalized heroes and assemble a team to fight opponents. The game also comprises of campaign mode as well as a new Abyssal Expedition mode which enables players to team up to gather bonuses and relics. 


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