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Amazon to reopen its warehouses in France with 30% of employees

Amazon to reopen its warehouses in France with 30% of employees
Amazon to reopen its warehouses in France with 30% of employees

The French warehouses of Amazon are set to reopen soon with around 30% of the employees, ending a dispute that persisted for a month over regarding whether the company had been taking enough steps to protect all the workers from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The e-commerce giant had six of its French Warehouses shut down after a court had supported union complaints and had ordered Amazon to curb deliveries of the essential items during the virus spread or to pay heavy fines.

The staff, about 10,000 of both temporary and permanent that have been employed at the warehouses shall be coming back to work by June 2 as per the agreements signed by about five French unions in the previous week.

According to sources familiar with the matter, a maximum of 50% of staff in the first phase shall be allowed to work voluntarily. Recently, around 30% of the workers had volunteered to begin their work. The company has declined to make a comment on the number of all the employees that are going to return to work next time. The company is more focused on starting again on more of a sustainable and sound basis.

As per the deal, the voluntary workers will be getting an extra 2 euros as their bonus every hour till June 2. Employees who choose to stay at home shall get their full salary in the same period. The company has also agreed on reducing the working days by at least 15 minutes. This is creating a considerable delay of around 30 minutes between both the night and the morning shifts, lowering the numbers at entrance gates and changing rooms.

The agreement will also be lifting the restrictions on the kind of products that Amazon will send to its users across France. Amazon had been restricted by the court to limit deliveries to health items, pet food, IT products and food as the firm focused on reviewing its health policies based on coronavirus.


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