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Apple’s Move Against Epic Games Can Impact Microsoft’s Gaming Business

Apple’s Move Against Epic Games Can Impact Microsoft’s Gaming Business
Apple’s Move Against Epic Games Can Impact Microsoft’s Gaming Business

Technology giant Microsoft Corporation stated in a court filing that the threat of Apple Inc to remove the creator of a hugely popular video game ‘Fortnite’ from the developer tools of Apple would create an adverse impact on Microsoft’s gaming business and other gaming developers as well.

The direct payments method introduced by Epic circumvented Apple's in-app purchase system and its 30% commission as well, due to which Apple removed Epic’s titles from its App Store.

In addition to banning ‘Fortnite’, Apple has also threatened to remove Epic’s access to Apple tools that are required to maintain ‘Unreal Engine’, the world’s most advanced real-time 3D creation platform that many game developers have a license to and is used for creating better graphics. This move can hurt ‘Forza Street’, one of Microsoft’s games that uses the Unreal Engine for the iOS game version.

Microsoft holds an ‘enterprise-wide’ license of Unreal Engine stated the company's general manager of gaming developer experiences, Kevin Gammill. He confirmed that Apple’s move will not only hamper Microsoft but the ability of other gaming firms also to develop games compatible with Macs and iPhones.

He further stated that Microsoft will either have to abandon its customers and potential customer or choose a different engine to develop new games if Unreal Engine stops supporting iOS or macOS games.

In a statement, Apple Inc confirmed that it removed Fortnite as it violated payment rules that are applicable for every developer. Epic enabled a feature in the app that was not reviewed or permitted by Apple. The company stated that it was done with the intent of violating the in-app payment guidelines of Apple App Store and is applicable for every developer who supplies digital goods or services to the company. The tech giant claimed that it will reverse the moves if Epic resubmits a payment compliant version of Fortnite.

Epic’s Vice President of Engineering, Nicholas Penwarden stated in a filing on Sunday that many Unreal Engine users have expressed their worries about the possibility of their projects getting disrupted. Epic is in quest of a court order to stop Apple's move to terminate its developer accounts.



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