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Aramark announces plans to manufacture PPE kits for healthcare workers

Aramark announces plans to manufacture PPE kits for healthcare workers
Aramark announces plans to manufacture PPE kits for healthcare workers

From developed nations to emerging economies, the frontline healthcare workers are demanding PPE (personal protection equipment) kits to decrease the risk of getting infected by COVID-19. To cope up with increasing demand, several companies worldwide have come forward to offer PPE kits to healthcare professionals.

A similar incidence occurred recently, when Aramark Corporation, American foodservice, uniform, and facilities services provider, announced that its uniform services division is manufacturing PPE kits for the health care professionals working across the nation.

Sources cite that the company’s uniform manufacturing plants, which manufacture work shirts, lab coats, coveralls, and pants, will produce medical and respirator masks, scrubs, and isolation gowns. In less than one week, the company converted its facilities to design the medical products, renovate and configure the production lines, and train the workforce to develop new products.

Once fully operational, the company would produce millions of scrubs, masks, and isolation gowns. The first batch of isolation gowns and scrubs was delivered to customers in the last week. The production of medical masks and respirators is expected to begin by mid-July.

Speaking on which, John Zillmer, CEO, Aramark said that the company is pleased to support the brave frontline workers who need PPE kits during this pandemic. The company takes pride in contributing its best during such times, Zillmer further added.

As per reports, PPE kits will be shipped from Mexico-based Aramark manufacturing plants to customers across the United States in pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device, and other industries where the workforce relies on these supplies to perform their jobs.

To fight the global pandemic, Government authorities in America are taking proactive steps to tackle this pandemic. Reportedly, Greg Abbott, the Governor of Texas has recently held a press conference where he gave an update on the production of PPE kits in Texas. The Governor revealed a new partnership between the Texas Military Department and Prestige Ameritech to produce PPE kits for health workers.

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