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AutonomouStuff and Qumulo sign cloud storage solution partnership

AutonomouStuff and Qumulo sign cloud storage solution partnership
AutonomouStuff and Qumulo sign cloud storage solution partnership

Enterprise hybrid cloud file storage major Qumulo has reportedly declared that it has signed a partnership deal with AutonomouStuff. Qumulo’s agreement with the autonomy-enabling technology provider aims to provide highly advanced storage solutions to their end-users that focus on bringing about a revolution in autonomous vehicle and advanced driver assistance systems research and development. Through the partnership, AutonomouStuff plans to integrate and resell Qumulo’s hybrid cloud file storage worldwide.

With the integration of Qumulo, AutonomouStuff will enable companies to reduce complexity and simplify large dataset utilization and management, as they move out of the vehicle, into the data center, across private and public clouds. AutonomouStuff  will also use Qumulo to send huge volumes of data directly to various operational and R&D applications – sans the need of complicated tiered processes or other storage networks.

Bobby Hambrick, Founder & CEO at AutonomouStuff, has been quoted to state that in a scenario where autonomous vehicles and ADAS research present crucial data dilemmas, it’s important that the appropriate storage solution is brought to the fore right since the initial stage. The amalgamation of Qumulo’s hybrid file software into AutonomouStuff’s offerings will enable the latter to deliver ta simple, easy-to-use, and single solution for cloud applications, Hambrick added.

Michael Cornwell, CTO, Qumulo, has been quoted stating that the huge volumes of data generated by most modern IoT and autonomous systems require a platform that is simple in operation yet high in performance, so that developmental cycles to market can be reduced. Qumulo's hybrid file software, in this context, brings forth a fast yet easy-to-use solution that will help resolve the challenges pertaining to sensor data management, for numerous, large-scale IoT and ADAS workflows, from the vehicle to the cloud, Cornwell added.

He further claimed that the company is rather thrilled to establish a partnership with AutonomouStuff and fast-track R&D programs that are targeted to bring autonomous systems to the mainstream.

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