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Avellino and OC HCA to provide COVID-19 testing across Orange County

Avellino and OC HCA to provide COVID-19 testing across Orange County
Avellino and OC HCA to provide COVID-19 testing across Orange County

Avellino recently made an announcement about its partnership with OC Health Care Agency (HCA) to be able to launch the OC COVID-19 Testing Network. The network provides COVID-19 testing in the Orange County in California for the residents of the area experiencing COVID-19 symptoms but have not been able to access testing with the help of any healthcare providers.

The development of the AvellinoCoV2 rapid genetic test have a significant connection with the eye care industry of Orange County, California.

Apparently, the AvellinoCoV2 is essentially a SARS-COV-2/COVID-19 test that has been authorized by the FDA and EUA, from the Avellino Labs to detect SARS-CoV2 virus present in the patients who may or may not be suffering from the symptoms, by recognizing and further isolating the genetic markers related with the genetic sequence of the RNA.

An Avellino board member and Orange County’ s long time residence, Jim Mazzo stated that the test capabilities of AvellinoCoV2 genetic have their roots within the eye care. The majority of the expertise for testing technologies that have been applied to the AvellinoCoV2 tests has come from the company’s work done in genetic testing for corneal disease.

Orange County has been known to be a major hub of the eye care community that can take pride in the knowledge that the work that has been done over the years would be able to now change and turn to a help people amid COVID-19 pandemic.

The Health Officer at Orange County commented about the approach of OC COVID-19 Testing Network stating that the company has partnered with first community health centers who are to perform the PCR testing approved by the FDA.

It is the most reliable testing present that is capable of detecting the current infection. The Health Care Agency of Orange County will be continuing with its sincere work and expand the network by bringing together more of the locations online over the coming days.


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