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Burning Rock deepens partnership with Illumina on NSG technologies

Burning Rock deepens partnership with Illumina on NSG technologies
Burning Rock deepens partnership with Illumina on NSG technologies

Cancer detection and treatment options have been progressing by leaps and bounds since the past few decades. Healthcare companies across the globe are putting their best foot forward to find novel treatment options for this fatal disease.

 A similar incident came into light when Burning Rock, the China-based company, that focuses on offering individualized cancer treatment guidelines for the patients, has reportedly partnered with leading American company Illumina, Inc. This partnership is aimed to promote standardization and development of NGS-based cancer therapy selection in China based on Illumina’s proprietary NextSeqTM 550Dx system.

As per sources, in the last five years, the joint partnership had developed cutting-edge NSG-based cancer therapy selection solutions by integrating Burning Rock’s commercial and development capabilities and Illumina’s sequencing technology.

In 2020, Burning Rock will further strengthen NGS technologies applications for selecting cancer therapies, as the first China-based genetic testing company to achieve the development of IVD (in vitro diagnostic) tests for both ctDNA (circulating tumor DNA) and tissue, based on Illumina’s NextSeqTM 550Dx system deal.

The importance of NGS application in companion diagnostics and precision medicine has been extensively recognized by cancer patients and clinical experts. As compared to conventional genetic testing methods, NGS-based cancer treatment selection enables patients to comprehend the mutation of multiple genes related to cancer therapy, offering patients and doctors with one-stop therapy as well as drug testing solutions which ultimately results in preserving samples and saving time.

Mr. Han Yusheng, CEO and Founder of Burning Rock said that through long term, pleasant, and close partnership with Illumina, the company has delivered NGS-based cancer therapy selection solutions and enhanced development and applications of NGS technologies for selecting cancer therapies.

Mr. Yusheng added that the company is delighted to announce that both companies would further strengthen partnerships based on the NextSeqTM 550Dx system to offer high-quality molecular diagnostic solutions for cancer treatment and endorse standardization of NGS technologies for selecting cancer treatments in China.

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