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C2A Security launches its new flagship cybersecurity platform AutoSec

C2A Security launches its new flagship cybersecurity platform AutoSec
C2A Security launches its new flagship cybersecurity platform AutoSec

C2A Security, an Israel based automotive cyber security solutions provider, has reportedly launched AutoSec, a first-in-class all-inclusive cybersecurity lifecycle management platform. It is the company’s flagship product that addresses the rapidly evolving issues of vehicle cybersecurity using an open platform that allows companies to recognize and effectively tackle cyberattacks.

Nathaniel Meron, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at C2A Security, stated that the main motive of the company’s mission is to truly safeguard the automotive industry, drivers as well as companies alike. With regards to that mission, the platform offers three crucial capabilities the sector currently lacks; protection, control, and visibility under one centralized platform.

Meron further added that the company has developed the new platform by taking valuable input from global from automotive cybersecurity innovators. Additionally, by making the platform free to use, where market players can access it free of cost, the company is significantly contributing to the automotive industry’s efforts to mitigate to effectively address the numerous cybersecurity challenges of the present and future.

The Israel based firm’s cybersecurity lifecycle management platform comes to the market at a crucial time for the automotive industry, as Tier 1s and OEMs are dealing with the UNECE WP.29 regulation and ISO/SAE 21434 standard. Modern vehicle architecture is weaker more than ever and cybersecurity teams are fighting to effectively communicate and coordinate responsibility.

To implement the comprehensive cybersecurity protections that today’s vehicles need and fulfill new regulations and standards, Tier-1s and OEMs need to first attain full-spectrum visibility of the overall cybersecurity status throughout all vehicle models. Second, suppliers and OEMs should be able to install and maintain in-vehicle protection to tackle cyberattacks across the vehicle lifecycle. AutoSec has the capability to fulfill both needs.

The innovative platform offers users unprecedented transparency to the whole cybersecurity lifecycle, allowing streamlined management of every phase; planning, risk assessment, policy creation and enforcement through just a couple of clicks.

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