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Cadbury launches a new look to its products starting from Australia

Cadbury launches a new look to its products starting from Australia
Cadbury launches a new look to its products starting from Australia

Cadbury, the UK based internationally confectionary firm, has reportedly launched a new look for the Cadbury Dairy Milk as well as Cadbury products. The new packaging of the Cadbury has a new iconography, a redrawn wordmark, and a new typography. According to the company, these changes make their product look more natural, high quality, and authentic.

This new identity would be launched in Australia in April throughout the range. After Australia, Malaysia and South Africa are the countries where the new look would be launched, with other markets seeing the launch of this look at the start of 2021.

The first of this range to unveil the new look is Australia’s highly requested chocolate block, Cadbury Dairy Milk Marble, which would hit the stores on 17 April 2020.

Director of Chocolate Marketing in Mondelez Australia, Paul Chatfield stated that given the unfamiliar and uncertain times, the company is happy to bring a small amount of happiness and nostalgia by unveiling the new look for our product for people across the country who asked the company to bring Cadbury Marble back in the market.

Chatfield further added that John Cadbury believed in kindness and a special bonding with people – from a simple chocolate block. The new look of Cadbury Dairy Milk seems to reflect the founding principle of authenticity and generosity during this challenging time.

Taking ideas from archives, the new logo of Dairy Milk has been recreated and a characteristic Dairy Milk pattern, on the basis of the original 1905 pack, has been made.

As demand and interest for sustainably sourced products surges, the company also wanted to share more regarding its long-standing promise to cocoa farmers as well as the environment on the new look.

The Cocoa Life sustainability program is an integral part of the company for the past eight years. This program has been helping Cadbury to train 140,000 cocoa farmers to take care of the environment and help plant over 1.2 million trees across cocoa regions throughout the world and also ensuring that cocoa farming can be a viable livelihood.

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