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Connell Chemical announces production at new MTO plant in China

Connell Chemical announces production at new MTO plant in China
Connell Chemical announces production at new MTO plant in China

Connell Chemistry Industry Ltd. reportedly announced the successful operation and production of on-spec propylene and ethylene at its new 300 KTA MTO plant, the first phase of a 600 KTA MTO complex, which was constructed by Wison Engineering- a Shanghai-based engineering firm.

Reportedly, the project marks the first major chemical industry project brought online when China is still in the process of restarting its economy during the global COVID-19 pandemic. The MTO facility began production of propylene on April 15 and of ethylene on April 20.  

For the record, the plant is equipped with advanced MTO/OCP reaction technologies from Honeywell UOP and olefin recovery & separation solution by Wison Engineering.

Notably, the plant was designed by Wison Engineering via an EPC deal. The integrated solution with UOP MTO/OCP technology and olefin recovery & separation technology by Wison Engineering gives one of the most advanced MTO processes across the globe, comprising of benefits such as low catalyst consumption and high feedstock yield.

Citing reliable sources, the commercialization marks the 10th successful commercial deployment of olefin recovery and separation technology by Wison Engineering. The successful start of production proves the reliability of its proprietary olefin separation technology and the leading ability of Wison Engineering’s MTO technology and engineering.

Citing sources, Wison Engineering received an EPC contract for the 300 KTA MTO project by Connell Chemical Industry in July 2016. During the same time, both Connell and Wison Engineering also inked an agreement on process design package contract for the proprietary olefin separation technology by Wison Engineering.

Established in the year 1997, Wison Engineering is a prominent name in the energy and chemical industry including petrochemical, oil refining, oil and gas field, syngas chemical, LNG, and power generation. From technology selection, designing the project, providing consultation to the engineers, procurement, and construction management along with start-up services and commissioning, Wilson Engineering provides customized services to over 20 countries and regions.


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