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Court pardons Facebook over data request by EU Antitrust committee

Court pardons Facebook over data request by EU Antitrust committee
Court pardons Facebook over data request by EU Antitrust committee

As reported by credible sources, Facebook has secured the first round of its dispute against European Union antitrust regulators, who according to the social media giant demanded for information beyond necessary. Europe’s second-top court has reportedly halted such appeals for time being until it takes a final decision.

For those uninitiated, the European Commission is investigating the US-based social media group its data storage practices and online marketplace, which may effectuate in hefty fines and orders that will compel Facebook to alter its business operations.

Facebook evidently sued the European Union competition enforcer on 15 July, at the General Court based in Luxembourg. It claimed that the EU committee was asking for unnecessary information, such as highly personal details of Facebook’s employees.

In addition, the social media company asked for provisional measures to halt an information request which was sent to it on 4th May, failure to which would cause it a daily penalty of around USD 9.38 million. The Court ordered the suspension of the request from the EU antitrust committee on 24 July, while awaiting the Commission’s response and its decision on Facebook’s application for provisional relief.

The court reportedly stated that this move would avert a situation where the contested data is revealed which would be a violation of fundamental privacy rights of the applicant’s employees and management, further denying any order for provisional measures that may be eventually granted.

As per sources, EU antitrust regulators are thoroughly searching documents for 2,500 phrases including ‘shutdown’, ‘not good for us ‘, and ‘big question’ which could be discovered in job applications or employees’ health information.



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