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Cybersecurity experts join to combat threats during COVID-19 crisis

Cybersecurity experts join to combat threats during COVID-19 crisis
Cybersecurity experts join to combat threats during COVID-19 crisis

Numerous cybersecurity experts have recently formed an international group, comprising of about 400 volunteers, with an aim to fight hackings associated with the novel coronavirus. The group covers an area of over 40 countries and is called the COVID-19 CTI League, which stands for cyber threat intelligence. It includes professionals from across senior positions at big firms like Inc. and Microsoft Corp.

Marc Rogers, one of the four initial managers involved in the effort, stated that the priority of the group will be to fight against hacks in medical facilities as well as other frontline responders to the persisting pandemic. The group has already been working on hacks of different health organizations.

The head of the security at Def Con, long operating hacking conference and Okta Inc vice president, Rogers said that defending the communication networks and services has become very important as the number of work from home has increased.

Apparently, the group has also been using a web of contacts within the internet infrastructure providers to be able to squash attacks and various other financial crimes that have been using COVID-19 fears or even the need for information on the matter to trick internet users.

Rogers further elaborated that he had never witnessed a phishing of this volume before and has been able to see phishing messages in every other language.

Citing sources familiar with the matter, phishing messages tend to encourage the recipients to punch in passwords or even other sensitive information on such websites that are mainly controlled by the attackers, who further use the given data to take over the emails, banks and other accounts of the recipients. 

Rogers further added that the group had been successful in dismantling one campaign that had used a software vulnerability for spreading malicious software. The law enforcement has welcomed the collaborations after they recognized that the large extent of this threat.


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