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CyCraft Japan selects MRI and INES to deliver CyCraft AIR Platform

CyCraft Japan selects MRI and INES to deliver CyCraft AIR Platform
CyCraft Japan selects MRI and INES to deliver CyCraft AIR Platform

CyCraft Japan has reportedly chosen Mitsubishi Research Institute (MRI) and its Information Network Engineering & Solutions (INES) as the distributors of the CyCraft AIR Platform. It is a security solutions suite developed by CyCraft, a cyber-security startup. The recent announcement is in line with the increasing cyber resilience in Japan to rapidly drive enterprise security in the near future.

CyCraft AIR offers AI-driven technology, actionable intelligence, and intuitive UI that are essential for increasing the network security and comprehensive endpoint of Japanese enterprises. It is a digital forensic, threat detection & response platform designed to continuously monitor and manage the cyber situation of several large-scale enterprises. The platform delivers correlation analyses, automated threat notifications, and auto-investigations, as well as allows smart & strategic incident response.

In Japan, cyber threats have been surging in terms of severity and frequency. The region encounters various encryption speed & damaging ransomware attacks as well as sophisticated APT-level cyber-attacks. These intrusion methods & tools are increasingly targeting national security, as legacy security solutions are currently unable to withstand the modern cyber-attacks.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the remote workforces have implemented security solutions such as remote desktops and VPNs. However, this has posed security concerns, as attackers are provided with new intrusion channels. For instance, in the Q1 of 2020, 5 major defense contractors in Japan have been targeted by cyber-attackers.

According to CyCraft Japan’s COO, James Cheng, the company is excited to partner with MRI and INES to deliver the AI-driven SecOps platform to enterprises, which will significantly reduce IR response time and increase SOC efficiency & cyber resilience.

Mitsubishi Research Institute’s Managing Executive Officer, Hiroshi Iwase, has reportedly cited that cyber-security is considered a major managerial challenge, with the rising difficulty and increase in sophistication to deal with cyber threats. The institute, in partnership with INES, will utilize CyCraft AIR to drive security operation support services & develop a managed security-service system to ensure comprehensive support.

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