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Daimler to develop first in-house electric motor at its Berlin unit

Daimler to develop first in-house electric motor at its Berlin unit
Daimler to develop first in-house electric motor at its Berlin unit

Daimler is reportedly all set to manufacture its first in-house electric motor at its plant in Berlin. This announcement by the carmaker provided relief to the workers who were worried about layoffs at its diesel motor production site.

The German company said that it will provide training in software & coding to workers who feared job cuts after Daimler announced ending the 6-cylinder diesel motor production at its Berlin site in September 2020.

Daimler stated that the investment in the Berlin-Marienfelde plant, which is around 120 years old, was previously fixed at a two-digit million-euro amount and is expected to rise to a low three-digit million-euro amount in the coming six years.

The electric motor, also called an axial-flux motor is designed by YASA, a British startup that was acquired by Daimler earlier this year. The motor’s weight is only a fraction of that of its diesel counterpart and can boost the range of an electric vehicle by around 7%, as mentioned by Tim Woolmer, YASA's founder.

Woolmer added that Daimler had notified YASA to reduce costs in subsequent iterations of its motor so the auto manufacturer could use them across its entire EV range.

Joerg Burzer, the Head of Production, mentioned that the e-motor is simpler to manufacture as compared to its diesel counterparts, which implies that the plant will require fewer workers in the coming years. However, the exact number of job losses in the future remains unclear.

Burzer added that the digital training campus development, for which Daimler collaborated with German industrial manufacturing company, Siemens, in March this year is expected to go live in 2022  and is likely to create a plethora of new jobs.

It is worth noting that around 2,300 employees of the factory have been assured their positions until the start of 2030 under a current union agreement.

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