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Danke goes on to develop China’s first Indoor Air Quality Standard

Danke goes on to develop China’s first Indoor Air Quality Standard
Danke goes on to develop China’s first Indoor Air Quality Standard


  • The 2015 Chinese startup “Danke” releases the first Indoor Air Quality Standard in the country.
  • The standard was jointly developed by Danke with the help of China’s Environmental United Certification Centre (CEC)

The fastest growing co-living platform in China, Phoenix Tree Holdings (“Danke”), has become the first company in the country’s history to introduce air quality control standards for co-living apartments in the residential rental industry.

Danke received assistance for the same from the state-owned enterprise, China Environmental United Certification Centre (CEC) enterprise which is affiliated to the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China. Both enterprises “Danke” and the “CEC” carried out a joint venture to introduce the new standards which later got a thumbs up from industry express across the country.

This Indoor Air Quality standard by Danke is divided into 5 sections, namely,

  • Sourcing and Designing: The apartments should be properly ventilated and the formaldehyde concentration within the house should be within permissible limits.
  • Procurement of Materials: Full control of all the materials present within the house will be maintained by Danke.
  • Renovation and Furnishing: The materials used for the construction will be of a supreme quality and environment friendly.
  • Inspection: Danke will keep a quality checks on these apartments by hiring qualified third parties to perform these inspections.
  • Maintenance: Danke will perform regular maintenance checks on unoccupied and rented apartments.     

Jiang Qiang, the Vice President at Danke, reportedly stated that air quality and a safe living environment is a concern for all its residents and this standard will help create a healthy and comfortable indoor living environment. He further went on to say that this new development will drive the green and sustainable development of the co-living industry in China.

Zhao QingXiang, the Secretary General of Beijing Real Estate Agency labelled this as an important breakthrough and said that stated that this standard will help build consumer trust in Danke. He also appreciated the company and stated that Danke is setting a benchmark for the rest of the industry with its socially responsible attitude.

The standard has been put through a 6-month test run by Shenzhen Association for Quality along with Danke prior to its release. Currently operating in 13 cities across China, Danke’s business model focuses on addressing pain points experienced by renters and property owners.


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