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dfuse announce open-sourcing its blockchain development stack

dfuse announce open-sourcing its blockchain development stack
dfuse announce open-sourcing its blockchain development stack

Blockchain API firm, dfuse, has recently open-sourced its blockchain data stack with creators of the EOSIO protocol, Reportedly, dfuse stack’s core components for EOSIO networks would be the first to be open-sourced under the Apache 2.0 license.

Meanwhile, code for additional chains would be published in the coming phases. In order to enhance developer’s convenience, dfuse for EOSIO would be accessible in a single binary executable, `dfusebox`.

According to reliable sources, dfuse, following this move, would contribute its transaction push lifecycle & guarantees (dfuse Lifecycle); historical, fork-aware and real-time search engine (dfuse Search), historical state solutions (dfuse State), and several other fundamental building blocks to the ecosystem of blockchain.

Being deployed on numerous Ethereum and EOSIO chains, along with additional protocols under active development, dfuse offers the hugely scalable infrastructure for several private and public deployments, which include trading operations, exchanges, social media platforms, interactive games, high throughput regulated environments and supply chain solutions.

Speaking on the move, Marc-Antoine Ross, CEO and Co-Founder, dfuse, said that the company developed the dfuse blockchain stack based on first principles, ie. finding out the best way to read blockchain data if there were no limitations by the traditional JSON-RPC interfaces.

Ross added that dfuse has managed to build a solution that does both, delivers a powerful platform for creating higher-order blockchain data services and is alert about the subtleties of every supported blockchain protocol.

According to Alexandre Bourget, CTO and Co-Founder, dfuse, each part of their firm was curated to handle gigantic parallel operations that facilitate unprecedented amounts of performance like reprocessing of full history within one hour.

dfuse is stress-tested and developed on public chains that processed 5,000 transactions every second, including surge up to 10,000. The company is ready to complement the next 10x in industry growth, claims Bourget.

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