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DocTalkGo prescribes Ta1 to approved patients to increase immunity

DocTalkGo prescribes Ta1 to approved patients to increase immunity
DocTalkGo prescribes Ta1 to approved patients to increase immunity

DocTalkGo is reportedly prescribing Ta1 (Thymosin Alpha-1), a naturally occurring peptide hormone, to approved patients with an aim to restore their immune functions. Ta1 is an excellent immune modulator in the Thymosin family, which can strengthen the immune system to fight against various contagious, viral diseases.

DocTalkGo is a 3rd party, telemedicine healthcare provider that offers healthcare service across the globe. Individuals can get access to its services 7 days a week, expanded hours. It also has incorporated an algorithm that enables any individual to go through the screening of questions to identify the specific disease management issue or health condition. Though this test, the company can determine whether the individual is appropriate for telemedicine care or need to be directed towards an in-person doctor visit. It can also perform laboratory testing nationwide as well as submit prescriptions to pharmacies, as per the choice of the patients.

The Ta1 hormone is frequently prescribed among patients with chronic viral diseases and can fight against various autoimmune diseases. It can also be adopted to control inflammation that is associated with chronic diseases, which can lead to excess fatigue. This chemically synthesized hormone can also be used among patients whose immune system are hindered and malfunctioning. However, use of the hormone is not recommended for people suffering from autoimmune diseases or those who have had organ transplants. An essential function performed by this hormone is increasing the function of T cell, which is crucial in the body’s response to combat viral infection as well as other diseases.

The company can also deliver timely consultancy services to people who are experiencing COVID-19 disease symptoms through the phone or video call. According to the regulations of the federal laws, only the patients who have tested positive for coronavirus are permitted to consume the hydroxychloroquine medication. Consumption of this medication among individuals who are not diagnosed with the virus has been discouraged.

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