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Ecolog, Pro Health to open COVID-19 test facility at Eindhoven Airport

Ecolog, Pro Health to open COVID-19 test facility at Eindhoven Airport
Ecolog, Pro Health to open COVID-19 test facility at Eindhoven Airport

As per credible sources, Ecolog Deutschland, in partnership with Pro Health Medical has announced the opening of coronavirus test center at Eindhoven Airport in Netherlands. The facility will reportedly offer residents, citizens, and travelers’ easy access to COVID-19 RT-PCR tests wherein they may be able to obtain electronic results on the same day.

For those uninitiated, Ecolog Deutschland is a subsidiary of Ecolog International Group, which is a leading provider of integrated services, screening & diagnostic, logistics, environmental solutions, technology, rapid response & mobile infrastructure.

With travel restrictions dwindling, there has been an upsurge in the number of COVID-19 cases in Europe. Scientist have warned regarding a potential second wave of coronavirus pandemic and have advised people to take necessary precautions.

Some countries have reportedly made COVID-19 tests mandatory for all travelers before boarding a flight or upon arrival. Experts cite that the recently developed test center by Ecolog is established with the intention to support airlines, governments, and airports in their efforts to conduct operations safely and successfully.

Group CEO of Ecolog International, Ali Vezvaei was reported saying that the most efficient way to tackle this pandemic is by promoting COVID-19 tests among people. He added that the company intends to facilitate testing and make it affordable.

CEO of Pro Health Medical, Theodoor Scheepers, stated that their partnership with Ecolog will enable them to provide advanced diagnostic solutions with quick services being a part of the greater solution.

Ecolog in collaboration with Pro Health Medical, is a RIVM registered laboratory of COVID-19 test which offers travelers or passerby an affordable solution to test COVID-19. The appointment for which can be booked online or directly at the test center.


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