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EU urges social media giants to handle fake news content meticulously

EU urges social media giants to handle fake news content meticulously
EU urges social media giants to handle fake news content meticulously


  • Several companies are seen mocking the 2018 self-regulation agreement
  • EU plans on introducing stricter regulations on social media content by the end of the year
Reportedly, the European commission has urged tech mammoths such as Alphabet’s Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others to perform an active role in tackling disinformation.
For the record, the EU had introduced a self-regulation agreement in 2018 in which major tech companies are required to assess circulation of fake news on their respective platforms. In fact, companies like Mozilla and several advertising trading firms had undertaken the protocol of making heavy-handed regulations against the disinformation. 
However, as per the analysis conducted by the commission, various companies have failed to comply with the code. These shortcomings are based on four categories such as- lack of uniform definitions, limitations intrinsic to the self-regulatory nature of the code, incomplete and inconsistent application of the code across platforms and member stakes as well as differences in coverage of the code commitments, the EU claimed. 
In this context, Vera Jourova, vice president at the commission for values and transparency called for better measures against the potential risks of disinformation. She added that amidst the rising number of threats, it is an ideal time to introduce new measures against disinformation. 
Jourova further claimed the online platforms need to be more accountable and transparent as well as offer better access to information. 
It is to be noted that Jourova is currently working on European Democracy Action Plan which focuses on making democracy highly resistant to digital threats. 
As per the reliable sources, the European Commission is also planning on introducing new regulations called the Digital Services Act by the end of year in an effort to increase responsibilities of the social media companies regarding liability of the content on their platforms. 
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