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EuroChem Northwest Ammonia Plant uses Penetron Technology to keep cool

EuroChem Northwest Ammonia Plant uses Penetron Technology to keep cool
EuroChem Northwest Ammonia Plant uses Penetron Technology to keep cool

The new EuroChem Northwest ammonia plant, officially introduced in 2019, has reached the estimated annual output in September 2020. To make sure that everything stays cool during a continuous process of production, Penetron crystalline technology was used in the concrete structures of the cooling tower.

The new EuroChem Northwest is an ammonia plant worth US$1 billion in Kingisepp which is an administrative center and ancient town on the Luga River and spread over 138 kilometers southwest of St. Petersburg, Russia. Being the largest in Europe, the plant holds a yearly production capacity of 1 million tons and delivers ammonia to the fertilizer production plant of EuroChem in Belgium, Lithuania as well as to its adjacent phosphate fertilizer facility in the same location along with the third party facilities.

The simplified ammonia production begins with natural gas to produce hydrogen which goes through a catalytic reaction with nitrogen to create anhydrous liquid ammonia.

Later, the wastewater and industrial by-products produced during the process are carried away by a closed water recycling system which prevents the waste from getting discharged into the nearby Luga River. This closed water circulation system carries away all the waste generated during production and further guarantees the plant’s environmental safety. A cooling tower is constructed of concrete which is a crucial production element as it helps maintain the temperature of the recycled water.

The Director of Penetron St. Petersburg, Yevgenia Kuzminova explained that the fortified concrete structure of the cooling tower was treated with PENETRON’s topical application from the negative side, or outside. These crystalline products’ combination makes sure that the water circulating in the tower does not infiltrate into the concrete matrix, even under the high hydrostatic pressure experienced in the closed loop.

Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, Eurochem is a worldwide supplier of fertilizers and industrial chemicals and maintains production facilities on four continents.

The Penetron Group is a pioneer in manufacturing specialty construction products for concrete repairs, concrete waterproofing, and floor preparation systems. It runs via a global network, providing support for the designing and construction community from its regional offices, distribution channels, and representatives.



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