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EV firm Lynk & Co to enter New Zealand under its global expansion plan

EV firm Lynk & Co to enter New Zealand under its global expansion plan
EV firm Lynk & Co to enter New Zealand under its global expansion plan

Lynk & Co, an automotive brand under the Chinese carmaker Geely Auto Group, has reportedly announced that it would be rapidly expanding its global presence over the next four years as part of the Smart Geely 2025 strategy.

According to the recently released document, Lynk & Co would be entering various international markets including Russia, Malaysia, New Zealand, as well as Australia, in order to boost the group’s sales to 3.65 million across the globe.

The brand offers a wide range of SUVs and cars that drive on architectures co-developed by Geely and Volvo Car Group, which is also under the ownership of Geely.

The brand will also enter the EV market with the all-electric Zero, which will use Geely’s proprietary Sustainable Electric Architecture (SEA), multiple electric motors for an all-wheel-drive configuration and an 800 volt, 100kWh battery pack with a 700 km range.

It is also reported that the battery pack will have a 2 million km lifespan, and that there will be no power degradation during the first 200,000 km. As an EV, Zero will also be able to reach 0-100 kmph acceleration under four seconds.

Lynk & Co is well-known for building fast cars, with 03 Cyan Concept having completed the 21 km Nürburgring circuit in a record 7 minutes and 20.143 seconds, making it the fastest four-door car as well as the fastest front-wheel driven car on the track.  

The brand will also launch five new EVs by the end of 2025 after Zero’s launch, while Geely will be focusing on introducing a new battery-swapping brand, as well as five new EVs with swappable batteries, by 2023.

However, Geely, as a brand has made no current commitments to launch in the Australian and New Zealand region and will be focusing on development of the South America, Eastern Europe, Middle East as well as South East Asia markets, while also introducing new products in the EU and Asian-Pacific markets.

Lynk & Co vehicles, known for having in-built internet connectivity, are currently sold in Europe and China, with Volvo dealers offering servicing for the cars in Europe.

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