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Facebook Messenger launches new feature for scam detection

Facebook Messenger launches new feature for scam detection
Facebook Messenger launches new feature for scam detection

Californian social media giant Facebook has reportedly launched a new feature in its Messenger that would help millions to detect scams and other harmful online interactions. Owing to the new safety tool, Messenger will now warn its users through safety notices popping up in their chat. This would help in detection of suspicious activity prompting action towards blocking or ignoring someone the moment things don’t seem right.

By Jay Sullivan, Director of Project Management at Messenger Safety and Privacy, Facebook, has stated that the Messenger takes note of user-privacy, safety and security as fundamental concerns. The new safety tool has been developed with the help of machine learning which spots behavioral signals like an adult sending a considerable amount of friend or message requests to people under 18, says Sullivan.

As per sources, the new safety tool intends to educate minors to be vigilant while communicating with an unknown adult. This feature has already been rolled out on Android in March and would be operational on iOS this week.

Facebook Messenger has moved to end-to-end encryption and has been consistently investing in privacy-protection features to ensure the safety of its users. Facebook cites the safety of minors on its platform to be its prime responsibility.

Stephen Balkam, CEO of the Family Online Safety Institute, has stated that these new safety features in Messenger will help curb bad practices on the platform and also empower people to have control over their account.

Several studies suggest repeated instances of people interacting online with someone they think they know when it is actually a scammer or imposter. Citing these concerns, Facebook says that it will continue to build innovative features to deliver safety and privacy on its platform.

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