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FIS launches new Worldpay 3DS Flex Solution for seamless transactions

FIS launches new Worldpay 3DS Flex Solution for seamless transactions
FIS launches new Worldpay 3DS Flex Solution for seamless transactions

Amidst the upcoming regulatory requirements to implement SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) in European regions, Fidelity National Information Services, Inc. (FIS), a leading provider of financial services technology, has unveiled a novel 3D Secure (3DS) authentication solution, dubbed, 3DS Flex.

Reportedly, FIS’s latest solution, which was acquired from the Worldpay merchant business, enables eCommerce merchants and retailers to accelerate mobile and online checkouts by minimizing cart abandonment events, increasing payment authorizations, and fight frauds as well as suspicious activities.

For the record, 3DS acts as a primary mechanism for verifying cardholders online and is widely employed by merchants. Apparently, it would now be replaced by the new and advanced 3DS2 technology, developed to create a shopper-friendly, seamless payment flow, notably on mobiles.

While a huge portion of issuing banks still run 3DS1, the market is gradually seeing a substantial shift towards 3DS2.1 and 2.2 protocol. As for 3DS Flex solution, it supports every 3DS protocols that ensure enhanced authentication experience for online shoppers while lowering shopping cart abandonment and reducing incidents of declined payments.

FIS claims that the 3DS Flex would protect customers from online fraud attempts by leveraging shopper history and geolocation data along with a plethora of other data in order to precisely verify the identity of a shopper on a mobile device or online.

Moreover, the platform would utilize biometric authentication techniques such as fingerprint and face ID to deliver seamless payments experience. Additionally, with the help of the latest technology, it would allow consumers to skip additional verification steps while paying for low-risk products or while buying from a trusted merchant.

Speaking on the move, Charles Damen, the SVP of Product Strategy at Worldpay Merchant Solutions, FIS, said that the company was planning to bring in this new 3DS technology regardless of SCA’s pre-announced deadline. Its new 3DS2.2 solution would be able to deliver more enhanced authentication experience and reduce unnecessary abandonments or declines.

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