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Frictionless launches online solution for Virtual HCP Events

Frictionless launches online solution for Virtual HCP Events
Frictionless launches online solution for Virtual HCP Events

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to disrupt businesses across the globe, employees are turning to online business solutions to ensure productivity and engagement for customers. To meet the increasing demand for online meetings, Frictionless solutions, Inc., the American company offering comprehensive strategy and HCP event planning for biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical device industry, has reportedly launched a new quality virtual solution for Healthcare Provider engagements.

While speaking about the effect of the virtual environment, Mike McCauley, Co-founder of Frictionless said that virtual meetings have proven to be a useful tool in launching a new product or brand as well as staying connected with existing customers. This setting gives opportunities to communicate content to a diverse, large group of HCPs to boost a marketer’s sales pipeline, said Mr. McCauley.

Sources cite that the company’s new solution can ensure the success of virtual programs by addressing the need for numerous areas including ad boards, speaker programs, single or multiple speakers, conferences, ideal attendee numbers, compliance reporting, registration requirements, and more.

Virtual meeting solutions set the company apart from four main areas. The interactive component enables speakers to connect with their audiences in real-time, the same as real-time events. The audience can conveniently interact and reciprocate with questions, ideas, and additional thoughts.

Moreover, the integration capacity enables the company to integrate the main data into its clients' CRM and marketing systems. Also, all events can be recorded and can be used in the future. The measurability of the webinars can be captured through registration size, customized size, webcast management, attendance, and other criteria.

From the past few years, Frictionless has been responding to the thriving digital age through offering engagement and event needs in virtual environments. The company had already commenced work on the same prior to coronavirus outbreak and is now well-positioned to deliver their unique expertise and experience in the virtual environment.

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