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Fujitsu opens new research and development center in India

Fujitsu opens new research and development center in India
Fujitsu opens new research and development center in India

Japanese IT company, Fujitsu Limited, has reportedly announced the opening of its new research center in Bangalore, India, Fujitsu Research of India Private Limited (FRIPL), hailing it as a major development in the company’s global innovation strategy.

The center will the latest addition to the firm’s global R&D network and will be focusing on AI, machine learning technologies, and quantum software.

FRIPL’s first key initiative will be to begin a joint research effort alongside the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Hyderabad and the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) to foster innovation in leading-edge AI technologies.

The research efforts would initially be aimed at improving the resilience and accuracy of machine learning technology and AI.

With IIT Hyderabad, research and development will be focused on AI technology for exploring casual relationships having higher accuracy. While, with IISc, the collaboration will focus on technology for automated generation of AI via autonomous training as a response to various environmental changes.

Vivek Mahajan, Chief Technology Officer, Fujitsu, stated that innovation holds a growing role in solving environmental and societal challenges, and Fujitsu plays a key role in powering innovation, as such the collaborations would harness technologies such as quantum and AI in coming up with solutions for these issues.

Mahajan further stated that such efforts need access to top talent, and by strengthening its presence in India, the company is able to tap into the large potential of world-class researchers, along with local universities and institutions, for further powering global software technology development.

Fujitsu, which set up FRIPL for enhancing software technologies necessary for research and development in major tech areas, will continue hiring exceptional talents in the field in India, with a target of increasing its researchers to 50 by 2024.

Alongside, the Fujitsu Group will extend its research fields to security and other areas while conducting software R&D in partnership with its global network of research centers, such as Japan, the US, and Europe, which will aim at developing software for global distribution.

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