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Fujitsu plans the global launch of its “Monozukuri” solutions

Fujitsu plans the global launch of its “Monozukuri” solutions
Fujitsu plans the global launch of its “Monozukuri” solutions

Fujitsu, a renowned Japanese IT equipment and services firm, has reportedly announced that it is expanding its manufacturing services and solutions throughout the world for the ‘new normal’ era, starting November 2020. The expanded offerings represent the spirit of "monozukuri", which signifies Japanese philosophy of ensuring meticulous craftsmanship in the process of manufacturing, with the goal of expediting the DX (digital transformation) of the manufacturing sector.

In an effort to improve the overall production operation efficiencies across the manufacturing industry, envision the operating status of production facilities, and enhance product development and design processes, the company will launch the below mentioned four services and solutions across the globe:

  • COLMINA’s subscription-based service comprising of solutions and services to expedite manufacturing digital transformation.
  • Altair HyperWorks Unlimited Virtual Appliance of Altair Engineering, and Xcelerator, a Siemens Digital Industries Software’s platform, both for remote development and design, which already has a significant share in the global industry.
  • An expert service for manufacturing sites to effectively support improvement initiatives using on-site, real-time remote, and interactive communication.
  • Fujitsu’s COLMINA Design Review High-Speed Remote Desktop, which supports graphics-intensive applications within a cloud environment.

Over the forthcoming time, the company will accelerate digital transformation in manufacturing operations by connecting the aforementioned offerings with present COLMINA solutions and linking data throughout the global supply chain, ranging from design to manufacturing.

The inclusion of COLMINA will enable flexible value chain restructuring, improved competitiveness through Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) adoption to effectively represent manufacturing across the cyberspace, and driving innovation through diverse partnerships.

The company has highlighted North America, Germany, and Japan as its primary development centers of manufacturing solutions as well as the improvement of functions. The firm also has plans to expand its services across Asia, North America, Europe, and Japan.

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