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G3 Therapeutics and Juvenescence partner to form Juvenomics Limited

G3 Therapeutics and Juvenescence partner to form Juvenomics Limited
G3 Therapeutics and Juvenescence partner to form Juvenomics Limited

British life sciences major Juvenescence Limited has recently partnered with G3 Therapeutics, a leading biotechnology company, to announce the formation of Juvenomics Limited, a joint initiative focussing on the development of validated nutraceuticals for diseases of aging. Juvenomics Limited is the integration of a proprietary biological dataset provided by G3 Therapeutics with machine learning systems assembled by Juvenescence Limited.

G3 Therapeutics has been globally known for its contribution to the application of biological big data to foster drug development. The company utilizes deep molecular profiling, phenotyping and deep learning for the discovery and genetic validation of new drug targets.

Szilard Voros, MD and CEO at G3 Therapeutics has stated that this has been the first time when genomics will be collaborated with longevity sciences. He further added that the company has been the pioneer in using unbiased biological big data for the purpose of drug discovery and development concerning cardio-metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. Partnering with Juvenescence has further provided the company with an opportunity to discover and commercialize nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals to treat diseases of aging, claimed Voros.

 This unique initiative by G3 and Juvenescence is focussed on the science of biological big data for constructing new approaches to counter aging process. Dr. David Roblin, the current COO at Juvenescence, has been appointed as one of the members to Juvenomics’ Board of Directors.

Gregory Bailey, the Founder and CEO of Juvenescence Limited, has stated that Juvenescence had been constantly trying to apply data science to the field of drug discovery and development. He has appreciated G3’s compelling patient derived database which will help the company to accelerate its ability to develop therapies for diseases of health aging.

For the record, Juvenescence Limited is a British life sciences company aimed at developing therapies to modify aging and foster human health longevity. Jim Mellon, Dr. Declan Doogan, and Dr. Greg Bailey are the founders of Juvenescence. The company houses a team of experts including experienced drug developers, investors, and entrepreneurs.

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