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Global e-dentity™ plans biometric tech to identify COVID-19 patients

Global e-dentity™ plans biometric tech to identify COVID-19 patients
Global e-dentity™ plans biometric tech to identify COVID-19 patients

The technology uses Near Infrared light transducer which enables fast and accurate biometric identification of potential carriers

National security biometric tech startup, Global e-dentity™ has recently proposed a simple yet effective biometric technology which can be used to identify asymptomatic people suspected with COVID-19 infection. The technology is said to use rapid airport biometrics health scanning to help airlines and demonstrate a pathway for safe reopening of international travel to countries.

It is expected to aid airlines like United (UAL), Lufthansa (DLAKY), American (AAL), and British Airways (ICAGY) which collectively had an estimated 650 million passengers in 2019.

According to a statement, Robert Adams, Founder of Global e-dentity, said that identifying patients will require more than just the current practice of temperature scans. The new, fast and non-invasive technology will accurately identify and stop asymptomatic carriers and spreaders from traveling in order to enable rest of the healthy population to get back to normal life.

Adam claims that the biometric technology uses a Near Infrared (NIR) light transducer along with an optional Ultrasound CMUT which is custom designed for multi-modal biometric identification.

Patient identification process is based on observation of a persons vascular network, change in the blood vessel morphology and the level of oxygen carrying capacity which reduces severely in asymptomatic patients. These patients can then be made to undergo a secondary RT-PCR screening before informing authorities of a suspected Coronavirus infection. 

He said that this finding was discovered by accident during the startups POC development process where they tested more than 25,000 people with a partner company for their patented identity biometric technology and other related patents.

This easy to implement and fast method has been shared by the startup with technology companies such as Apple, LG, and Samsung, and with senior officials of the current Administration since the beginning of the pandemic.

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