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HEVC Patent Infringement Lawsuit Filed Against Xiaomi and Vestel

HEVC Patent Infringement Lawsuit Filed Against Xiaomi and Vestel
HEVC Patent Infringement Lawsuit Filed Against Xiaomi and Vestel

HEVC Advance recently announced that some patent owners of HEVC Advance HEVC/H.265 have filed separate violation proceedings in Germany’s Düsseldorf Regional Court. The patent infringement lawsuit has been filed against Vestel Germany GmbH and Xiaomi Technology Germany GmbH, , Xiaomi Inc., Xiaomi Technology Netherlands B.V., and Xiaomi Technology France S.A.S for violating patents vital to the HEVC/H.265 digital video coding standards.

Xiaomi offers mobile products in Germany that integrate HEVC/H.265 technology and Vestel offer TVs and set-top-boxes in Germany that integrate HEVC/H.265 technology, as per the complaint.

MAS Elektronik Aktiengesellschaft (MAS) has become a license holder in the HEVC Advance Patent Pool, further announced Advance. This follows the current favorable judgments and approved orders received by HEVC Advance Licensors' GE Video Compression, LLC,  Koninklijke Philips N.V., and Dolby International AB in patent violation proceedings brought before Germany’s Düsseldorf Regional Court against MAS.

The court found that all the claimed patents were violated by MAS’ offering HEVC/H.265 compliant products. Also, the court further discovered that the license terms and royalty rates offered by Advance to MAS were reasonable, fair, and non-discriminatory. As MAS became a license holder, all legal disputes related to patent infringement proceedings brought by the accusers have been resolved.

The team at HEVC Advanced is pleased that the Court was ready to speak with clarity. Advance expects that this judgment will further accelerate the adoption of HEVC/H.265 technology.

HEVC Advance LLC is an autonomous licensing administrator firm formed to lead the development, administration, and management of patent pools to provide a license to important patents of the vital standards-based video codec technologies. Advance offers a sound licensing mechanism for both patent owners and implementers.

MAS Elektronik Aktiengesellschaft (MAS) is a renowned manufacturer of home entertainment products with XORO since 1999. With the slogan ‘free to choose innovations’, MAS provides a wide variety of simple yet efficient receivers to high-end devices.



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