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Huawei says it may gain double-digit Germany smartphone market share

Huawei says it may gain double-digit Germany smartphone market share
Huawei says it may gain double-digit Germany smartphone market share

Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, the China-based leading global provider of smart devices, has reportedly announced that it expects to garner over 10% of smartphone market share in Germany in Q4 2020. The company would also start shipping a brand new ‘Mate 40 Pro’ smartphone model across the nation from next week.

William Tian, Head of consumer business, Huawei Germany stated that the Chinese smartphone giant has commanded 13% market share in Germany in the present year to date, despite the China-U.S. trade war that has affected its chip supplies.

From the past few months, Huawei is taking proactive steps to become self-sufficient in wake of the American government’s restrictions on the company, Recently, the Chinese tech giant announced plans to develop its own chip manufacturing factory without using American technologies in Shanghai, China. This is supposed to act as the firm’s best way tackle to the US ban and reduce the dependence on foreign technology.

It is worth mentioning that Huawei has not seen significant success in maintaining the telecom infrastructure in the United States. The company presently has no experience in manufacturing chips. The new factory is said to operate by Shanghai IC R&D Center, the company’s partner.

As of now, the plant is said to be an experiment till it starts manufacturing products for user-end sectors. The fabrication plant is anticipated to commence with the manufacturing of low-end 45nm chips. The company aims to develop 28 nm chops for the Internet of Things (IoT) devices by the end of the next year.

According to sources familiar with the knowledge matter, China’s Communist Party endorsed a new policy program that looks beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. The nation has laid out a path toward better economic self-sufficiency in its novel five-year plans and intended to develop its own core technology.

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