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IAS rebrands metric ‘Qualified Ads’ to ‘Quality Impressions’

IAS rebrands metric ‘Qualified Ads’ to ‘Quality Impressions’
IAS rebrands metric ‘Qualified Ads’ to ‘Quality Impressions’

In today’s interconnected and digital world, a significant amount of advertisers’ money is being spent on ad impressions that appear on fake sites, do not reach the anticipated audiences, or are not appropriately displayed in the user’s browser.

As these problems significantly minimize the return on investment of marketers, companies worldwide are introducing innovative solutions to increase the effectiveness of ads. 

Recently, Integral Ad Science (IAS), one of the leading companies in ad verification, has reportedly announced that it has rebranded its MRC accredited ‘metric Qualified Ads’ to ‘Quality Impressions’, providing advertisers to keep their eyes on a single metric system that embodies a viewable, brand & fraud-safe, and the in-geo impression they can rely on.  

Sources cite that this move will directly impact digital advertising quality as the metric system focuses on bringing media quality transparency. For an ad to qualify as a Quality Impression, not only it should stay in the boundaries of the campaign's correct geographical parameters but must be viewable by a real person, in a brand-safe and suitable environment.  

The novel metric system will assist advertisers on how well their campaign performs under set criteria, under specific objectives as they compete against the best media competitors.  

Every day IAS tests more than 500 billion quality signals and lays the foundations for quality impressions. Quality Impressions unites all major indicators into a common indicator to allow advertisers a clear comparison point for healthy promotions.

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