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Intel vows to develop AI-based tech to lower accidents on Indian roads

Intel vows to develop AI-based tech to lower accidents on Indian roads
Intel vows to develop AI-based tech to lower accidents on Indian roads

Intel India has pledged to deploy an AI-based driver assistance system to minimize the number of road accidents in the nation by at least a half by the year 2025 as well as facilitate the manufacturing of the driver assistance technology in India.

Intel India’s CEO Nivruti Rai stated that the company has accumulated 3 million kilometers of road data in collaboration with CSIR-CRRI and IIT Hyderabad to devise safety solutions for Indian roads.

The AI-based driver assistance system will provide features including a driver monitoring system, collision avoiding system (CAS), fleet telematics, fuel efficiency, and fleet health features, which operate on specific algorithms fashioned especially for Indian roads.

India is claimed to have the highest rate of road fatalities globally, with barely 1% of the world’s vehicles, the country accounts for roughly 11% of all traffic accidents. As per the statement by Intel, the solution is presently being utilized by 16 customers and it illustrates that this technology may lower the risk of accidents from 40% to 60%.

When asked about the price of the product, Rai cited that they aim to make it accessible and affordable for anyone who can purchase a mobile phone.

Notably, at the Safety Pioneers Conference, the Indian tech behemoth displayed its Onboard Fleet Services, an AI-powered fleet safety solution for commercial vehicles.

With prompt driver interventions, six out of ten commercial fleet accidents can be avoided. In addition, accidents and fleet malfunctions cause up to USD 6 billion in annual efficiency losses for the commercial fleet business.

The program is now being tested in Nagpur as a pilot project, and it will soon be deployed in other cities. To address various facets of road safety, Nivruti Rai mentioned that Intel would collaborate with other enterprises and perhaps incubate start-ups as they require partners for scaling.

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