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Japan-based DokiDoki creates world’s first audio metaverse platform

Japan-based DokiDoki creates world’s first audio metaverse platform
Japan-based DokiDoki creates world’s first audio metaverse platform

Kyoto-based software firm, DokiDoki Co Ltd, has reportedly created the world’s first audio metaverse platform, called Cubemint.

The company claims that while a majority of metaverse technologies focus on visual elements, to create an easily accessible social networking ecosystem, they were found to be lacking in their 'all-around inclusivity'.

The Japanese firm decided to tackle this issue and break down the boundaries faced in the digital world with its audio metaverse platform, currently in a beta testing stage.

DokiDoki, known for its live streaming audio app Dabel, came up with the idea for Cubemint after having surveyed Dabel's users, because of which it detected that many of its users were either visually impaired or sensitive to visual stimuli.

The company, therefore, developed an app and a metaverse platform where users would not be affected due to such barriers but would overcome them and successfully create a digital social world accessible by all.

Takahito Iguchi, founder and CEO of DokiDoki, stated that one of the main challenges faced by metaverse is accessibility and inclusiveness.

Iguchi explained that considering the issue, the company aimed in making Cubemint an audio metaverse space that can be accessed by everyone, ultimately helping in eliminate the loneliness as well as isolation of mankind by effectively utilizing its experience in product development with its users.

An audio metaverse platform can greatly help in acting as a bridge to extend physical reality while also connecting remote users in the virtual realms without them having to enter a completely different world, with a major plus point being that only a set of wireless earphones are needed to participate.

This means that entering an audio metaverse is comparatively easier than entering any other metaverse platform, which also requires additional, and often expensive, equipment. 

Currently, the platform is in a beta-testing stage, with important people like sound designers and visually impaired users working together in order to raise Cubemint to the level of DokiDoki’s inclusive vision of what the Audio Metaverse should be like.

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