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LiveCare-Enable reach cooperation agreement to offer RPM services

LiveCare-Enable reach cooperation agreement to offer RPM services
LiveCare-Enable reach cooperation agreement to offer RPM services

LiveCare, a leading provider of remote patient monitoring services, has recently reached a cooperation agreement with Enable HealthCare Inc. The agreement will allow LiveCare Link+ Home RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring) Gateway as the preferred RPM services provider for the patients of Enable HealthCare.

According to Peter Silas, Chief Executive Officer of Enable HealthCare, the company is excited to manage patients by giving them access to the Link+ by LiveCare as the home Remote Patient Monitoring Gateway. The Link+ plays a crucial role during the unprecedented crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic where patients suffer limited access to healthcare providers. It will form a centralized platform by connecting all home medical devices.

The gateway serves as a home medical hub for patients, centralizing the core healthcare services through a 4G-enabled, wireless device that can be synched automatically to the network provider of patients. In addition to this remote health service, the Link+ will automatically generate an alert to a provider or call center in case of a considerable decline in the health condition of patients. It will also deliver emergency services by initiating a video call to these patients.

Advantages in adopting the Link+ RMP Gateway include the treatment of disabled, elderly, and high-risk patients without the need to go to the local hospital or physician’s office for obtaining non-emergency care. This is because medical diagnostics and information can be remotely captured & shared through the gateway, which in turn, lower the risks of potential exposure to the coronavirus as well as other high-risk environments.

Peri Avitan, LiveCare’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, has stated that the company is honored to serve the need of Enable Healthcare, which has a notable track record of prioritizing patients’ health, through its RPM Gateway. The agreement will significantly enhance the personal health as well as create a new link between healthcare providers and patients during the coronavirus outbreak.

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