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LiveProcess to offer health systems free COVID-19 Response Package

LiveProcess to offer health systems free COVID-19 Response Package
LiveProcess to offer health systems free COVID-19 Response Package

LiveProcess is reportedly granting free access to its web-based platform for American health systems as they tackle the coronavirus pandemic. LiveProcess is a leading provider of healthcare communications and emergency response solutions.

The new LiveProcess COVID-19 Response Package offers a virtual situation center for coordination, tracking, and share awareness. It enables healthcare systems to send resource requests, assign tasks, set up incident command, and automatically generate after-action reports.

The LiveProcess software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform acts as the command center for emergency response and management. It supports the sharing of situational awareness in real-time, both within and outside the hospital, to engage with public health agencies and community partners.

The LiveProcess Emergency Manager solution enables healthcare facilities and health systems prepare for and respond to emergency events. The platform offers features ranging from mobilization of staff and resources, hazard vulnerability analysis, after-action reporting, shared duty logs, and compliance tracking. 

How does LiveProcess’ solution help health systems manage COVID-19 pandemic?

LiveProcess customers in COVID-19 hotspots across the U.S., including New York City-based Montefiore Health System, California-based Riverside County Healthcare Coalition, and UW Medicine Valley Medical Center near Seattle, are currently using the web-based platform for the following applications:

  • Tracking the health status of medical staff before their shifts or during quarantine.
  • Monitoring critical inventory levels.
  • Requesting assistance from other hospitals, public health authorities, and external parties
  • Searching for additional high-demand staff such as respiratory therapists, ICU RNs, and security personnel.
  • Tracking ICU as well as isolation bed availability.
  • Monitoring and managing medical staff’s potential exposure to the coronavirus.
  • Sharing CDC and public health updates as soon as information is available.
  • Reporting to healthcare coalition members and public health agencies.

The country’s health systems, according to LiveProcess CEO Terry Zysk, need a reliable platform to share critical information in real-time, whether it is employee health status, latest updates from the CDC or PPE supplies.

LiveProcess is well-known for its emergency response and management capabilities and is committed to offering those capabilities to health systems during this crisis, Zysk added.



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