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Luxury car maker Rolls-Royce to launch fully electric Spectre in 2023

Luxury car maker Rolls-Royce to launch fully electric Spectre in 2023
Luxury car maker Rolls-Royce to launch fully electric Spectre in 2023

BMW-owned luxury car manufacturer, Rolls-Royce, has reportedly announced plans to launch its fully electric car named “Spectre” in 2023. With this announcement, the British luxury marque is set to design and manufacture its first fully electric vehicle by late 2023 with an aim to completely drop combustible engines by the end of 2030.

According to reports, the premium EV will undergo road testing soon, with the very first models arriving at customers' doors by the final quarter of 2023. Charles Rolls, the co-founder of Rolls-Royce, stated that striving for perfection is what it takes to make the existing better.

Rolls cited the famous ‘Design it when it does not exist’, quote while giving the statement, which is speculated to be an ode to Spectre’s tailored mechanical make-up, something that the company claims would be free of the group sharing strategies.

Instead of utilizing the Cluster Architecture or CLAR platform, which is present in the new iX and i4 EVs of parent company BMW, Rolls-Royce has opted to stick with its modular aluminium spaceframe, 'Architecture of Luxury', used for the existing Cullinan and Phantom. 

Rolls-Royce’s CEO, Torsten Müller-Ötvös, stated that the design is flexible and scalable. The platform has been created to not only set the ground for existing combustible engines such as Ghost and Cullinan, but also for models whose powertrains are completely different.

As per Ötvös, the platform, which brought substantial enhancements to the eight-generation Phantom in terms of refinement, rigidity and weight, was developed from the beginning to effectively accommodate electric powertrains, apart from the BMW-developed V12 that have been mainstay of the Rolls’ lineup since 1998.

While details on what would exactly drive the Spectre still remain under wraps, Ötvös clarified that Rolls-Royce would never convert an existing BMW to do the job. Speaking of the car’s design, Ötvös seemingly said that more details will be revealed when the prototypes hit the roads in the following weeks.

Although a majority of the test car’s features are camouflaged, the CEO affirmed that the premium vehicle will keep its ‘fastback-oriented’ design in production, which means it will be relatively unrivalled in the new electric luxury coupé niche.

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