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Manatt and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation set to launch new initiative

Manatt and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation set to launch new initiative
Manatt and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation set to launch new initiative

Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP, a Los Angeles-based law firm, made it to the headlines, by publishing a report titled A Shared Responsibility: Protecting Consumer Health Data Privacy in an Increasingly Connected World.’

The firm’s healthcare and consulting group, Manatt Health, along with support of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is all set to invigilate current health data privacy protections, cites source.

Recent federal laws promise liberation of health data with app-based standards, generating new ways of exchanging health-related data. Parallelly, it will pave new ways of data-sharing that will provide customers with additional information to guide their healthcare preferences.

However, increasing health-data liquidity is outpacing developments of regulatory safeguards, putting the public at risk, claim the experts.

The leader of Manatt Health, Bill Bernstein said, “Safeguards must be established in order to keep up with the collection and use of information that falls outside the bounds of current health privacy laws.”

The published paper consists of existing health privacy norms and their applicability to information that is not covered under HIPPA or any other law. It also focuses on challenges created by limitations related to trust, transparency, and liability between companies and consumers. Lastly, it also highlights option to enhance patient experience, improve patient health, and cut-down healthcare costs by digitalizing health data.

It includes self-regulatory option analysis that are used in other industries, coupled with insights from the models that can be applied to health data.

The Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) and eHealth Initiative Foundation (eHI) are partnering Robert Wood Johnson Foundation on an initiative titled ‘Building a Consumer Privacy Framework for Health Data’. This project will recommend additional privacy protection for health-related information of consumers. Also, it will lay down a set of standard protection that every company needs to adapt to protect all the data of their users.



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