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Mazda to launch its own Toyota Yaris Hybrid version in Europe in 2022

Mazda to launch its own Toyota Yaris Hybrid version in Europe in 2022
Mazda to launch its own Toyota Yaris Hybrid version in Europe in 2022

Mazda, the Japanese automaker, has reportedly announced that it is planning to launch a version of the latest Toyota Yaris Hybrid supermini within the European market, preferably in 2022. Supposedly, the new version is a lightly restyled Toyota and would be standing as a substitute to the existing Mazda 2.

The two prominent Japanese automakers have built a long-standing technological collaboration that involves joint research and development of future hybrid cars.

According to the reports, Mazda explained how it plans to manage its collaborations with other automotive businesses to enhance and broaden its range in a presentation accompanying its 2020 financial results.

The same contains a plan to sell a ‘OEM-supplied model inspired by Yaris Toyota Hybrid System (THS)’ in Europe by the end of 2022, and a Yaris prototype has already been seen with its emblems disguised at a Mazda factory in Europe, implying a reveal is on its way.

It has been further anticipated that Mazda's Yaris-based hatchback might eventually replace the existing 2, which is in the market since 2014, lacking a hybrid powertrain. Albeit the two models could be available alongside for a brief period.

Toyota is expected to build the car for Mazda, potentially along the Yaris, at its factory in northern France. Mazda would be better able to achieve its CO2 emissions target in the European Union if it has a hybrid hatchback.

In a former statement, Mazda reportedly announced that the company will continue with its multi-solution tactic to offer efficient solutions that match exceptionality, power mix, as well as consumer needs in every region or nation. Speaking of the multi-solution approach, THS is deemed to be an optimum response to the consumer and regional needs.

Mazda further elaborated that the collaboration between the two automakers is the outcome of negotiations based on the partnership policy of Toyota-Mazda. Notably, the collaboration aims to efficiently use both companies’ resources while respecting both brands and their management independence.  

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