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Medtronic boosts ventilator production for COVID-19 treatment

Medtronic boosts ventilator production for COVID-19 treatment
Medtronic boosts ventilator production for COVID-19 treatment


  • Massive coronavirus outbreak has initiated the need for outgrowing number of ventilators across healthcare units.
  • Medtronic has increased ventilator production to 40 percent.

In wake of the current situation regarding COVID-19, the demand for medical equipment has considerably risen. Hospitals across the globe have been demanding large number of ventilators for patient treatment. In light of this, a global leader in medical technology space, Medtronic has planned to boost its production of ventilators by nearly more than 40% to date to suffice the urgent needs of patients and healthcare establishments in regions confronting coronavirus outbreak.

According to reliable reports, high performance ventilators play a pivotal role in the management of patients suffering from severe respiratory illness, in this case, COVID-19, and apparently, the company recognizes its acute need in this time of turmoil. 

It has been reported that the ventilator demand has substantially increased given the massive outbreak of corona flu, that has been claiming umpteen lives. Examining the situation, Medtronic continues to work to meet the increased need of ventilator manufacturing. For the record, the company has been producing high quality performance ventilators for numerous settings.

As per official sources, recent weeks have given Medtronic additional opportunities to increase its ventilator manufacturing capacity on the grounds of meeting the dire needs of healthcare units. The company has currently employed nearly 250 employees in ventilator manufacturing and is planning to double the number by transferring the staff from other company locations to support the escalating demands. Moreover, additional manufacturing shifts have been deployed and new manufacturing shift patterns are expected to be introduced to bring about 24*7 operation.

Commenting on this issue, the executive VP and President of Minimally Invasive Therapies Group at Medtronic, Bob White reportedly quoted that the company realizes the demand for ventilators that this time of the medical emergency and it is committed to generating more ventilators into the market with support from governments, hospitals, and global health organizations.

Medtronic is currently prioritizing high need areas for the product allocation on daily basis for its distribution through its designated supply chain.

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