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Microsoft-Accenture-Avanade partner to help firms tackle ESG issues

Microsoft-Accenture-Avanade partner to help firms tackle ESG issues
Microsoft-Accenture-Avanade partner to help firms tackle ESG issues

Accenture and Microsoft, along with Avanade, their joint venture, have reportedly teamed up to address climate change, which is one of the key problems facing both businesses and individuals.

The three firms will work on larger environmental, socioeconomic, and governance (ESG) concerns in the future, with an initial focus on offering solutions to help organizations adapt their products, services, operations, and value chains to help expedite the transition to net-zero.

The firms are focusing their investment efforts on the development of creative technologies that are architected and planned from the start to emit minimal carbon during their life cycle. Some investment will also go towards the provision of economic consultancy services to help businesses decrease carbon emissions, accelerate the transition to alternative energy sources, and minimize or eliminate waste of depleting resources like water, food, and raw materials.

The expanded strategic alliance will resolve industry-specific sustainability obstacles with the powerful combination of Avanade's human-centered digital prowess, Accenture Sustainability Services, the Microsoft Cloud, as well as every company's comprehensive data and synthetic intelligence (AI) capabilities.

The world is at a tipping point where businesses are required to play a more active role in tackling sustainability challenges, according to Pam Maynard, Avanade's CEO.  She has also mentioned that technology is more important than ever in advancing environmental, social, and economic goals and enabling organizations to be self-sustaining through continuous transformation.

Industry experts also claim that sustainable development and services require a strong partner network to enhance and extend solutions.  Given how far behind most businesses and governments are in integrating within the global sustainable framework of carbon reduction and addressing all 17 UN Goals, they must immediately set the bar for others to follow.

Accenture, Microsoft, and Avanade have expanded their constructive partnership to build on their existing sustainability efforts, including their pioneering position in the Green Software Foundation, an NGO that is establishing a trusted ecosystem of people, standards, tooling, and practices for green software engineering.

Accenture and Microsoft have also helped hundreds of start-ups involved in social responsibility and sustainability gain access to developing new technologies and experience to help grow their solutions, through a joint project dubbed Project Amplify.

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