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Mitsubishi Heavy’s second gas turbine unit goes online in Thailand

Mitsubishi Heavy’s second gas turbine unit goes online in Thailand
Mitsubishi Heavy’s second gas turbine unit goes online in Thailand

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., a leading multinational Japan-based engineering, electronics, and electrical equipment corporation, has reportedly announced that the second unit of gas turbine designed for two Thailand-based natural gas-fueled power plants has begun operations.

This marks a new step in a gas turbine combined cycle power system that involves the Tokyo-headquartered corporation.

According to a statement by Mitsubishi Heavy, the said gas turbine unit came online on the 1st of October at the gas-fired Chonburi Province power plant. The first unit went online at the end of March 2021.

The unit is a part of a large eight-unit order that was placed back in 2018 on a full-turnkey basis under a JV between major Japanese trader Mitsui & Co., and Thai independent energy company, Gulf Energy Development Public Company Ltd. to build a 5,300 MW gas turbine combined cycle power system.

Porntipa Chinvetkitvanit, Deputy CEO of Gulf Energy Development Public Company Limited, stated that the company offers its gratitude to Mitsubishi Power team for its continued efforts, which resulted in the successful implementation of the project's second gas turbine unit, within the scheduled timeline.

Koji Nishikawa, Managing Director and President of Mitsubishi Power in Thailand, stated that through the company stays committed to supporting the Thai government’s efforts towards advancing sustainable economic growth through Mitsubishi Power’s world-class reliable gas turbines.

Mitsubishi Heavy stated that it had secured a 25-year long-term service contract for all eight units, which include the Chonburi-based natural gas-fired power plant and another power plant in Thailand's Rayong Province.

The Chonburi facility will be completely operational by October of next year, while the first Rayong power plant gas turbine unit would be online by 2023, with full-scale operations beginning in 2024.

The electricity generated will be sold to Thailand's Electricity Generating Authority.

The power plants would come with four trains, each incorporating a steam turbine, a gas turbine, a heat recovery steam generator, and a generator. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries will produce and deliver the gas turbines and other components, while Mitsubishi Electric Corporation will prepare the generator.

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