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Mobidiag announces new diagnostic test for the novel Coronavirus

Mobidiag announces new diagnostic test for the novel Coronavirus
Mobidiag announces new diagnostic test for the novel Coronavirus


  • Mobidiag has announced new diagnostic tests for the novel Coronavirus on Novodiag and Amplidiag platforms.
  • The company has established an efficient manufacturing and supply chain to meet market demand.  

Mobidiag Ltd. has announced a molecular diagnostics test for the SARS-CoV-2 virus which is responsible for the Coronavirus. Mobidiag made the announcement upon receiving CE-IVD markings for its Amplidiag COVID-19 and Mobidiag COVID-19 molecular diagnostics tests.

The company already has an antibody, Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Test available which complements this test.  A comprehensive diagnostic solution for COVID-19 has now been made commercially available by Mobidiag for lab and hospital-based settings to test for Novel Coronavirus infections.

Mobidiag has established a supply chain along with robust manufacturing capabilities to meet demand and support customers by setting up an efficient workflow from sample collection to results.

The CEO of Mobidiag, Tuomas Tenkanen revealed that Mobidiag is now able to provide complete diagnostic solution for COVID-19 detection. He also said that Mobidiag has been successfully able to leverage existing expertise and technologies in supply chain and manufacturing to timely deliver full range diagnostic solutions to customers.

The COVID-19 infection can be detected at an early stage with the help of Novodiag and Amplidiag molecular diagnostics tests. The test has been approved for emergency testing in countries like Finland, Sweden and France. The user-friendly nature of the Novodiag test makes it feasible for use in decentralized settings without the need for highly trained personnel in areas that are hard to reach.

Amplidiag COVID 19 test complements the Novodiag COVID 19 test. In the Amplidiag Easy platform, it takes merely three hours to process 48 samples. This simplifies and optimizes sample screening process for the clinicians.

Along with these tests, an antibody test is also in distribution by Mobidiag which allows detection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in human serum, plasma and human blood without the use of any instruments in 15 minutes. Mobidiag is manufacturing the Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Test jointly with Autobio diagnostics in China. These tests although not complex, are not home tests and can only be done with the help of clinical professionals. 

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