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MobileSmith unveils mobile apps, boosts hospital response to COVID-19

MobileSmith unveils mobile apps, boosts hospital response to COVID-19
MobileSmith unveils mobile apps, boosts hospital response to COVID-19


  • The digital health and mobile app development leader is set to launch its 2 newly developed mobile apps to support hospitals’ move for coronavirus treatment.
  • Mobile platforms are anticipated to be deployed in less than 72 hours and offer timely notifications and alerts to convey pandemic updates and customized facility information.

Amid the coronavirus scare, hospitals have been operating 24*7 and offering support to everybody in need. However, this does not seem to be enough to record efficiency in the treatment of the virus. In wake of this, a prominent leader in mobile development and digital health sector, MobileSmith Health has come forward to help the hospitals ease the treatment operation via the launch of 2 COVID Response Mobile Apps.

Apparently, these applications could be deployed in over less than 72 hours and provide timely push notifications and alerts to convey important pandemic updates and facility information.  Two versions of the applications, COVID Response-Community and COVID-Response Staff, are now made available to engage hospital patients, volunteers, and staff, supporting health systems relay the latest and highly accurate guidance, alerts, and data related to the worldwide pandemic.

It has been reported that the CIVOD response- Community version would optimize COVID-19 care and coordinate health systems’ response by communicating effectively with patients and the community. On the other hand, the COVID Response- Staff version offers a safe and secure environment for health systems leadership to communicate and collaborate with the stakeholders.

Moreover, the whole MobileSmith Managed Services team is expected to work closely with health system consumers to expedite and guide the implementation of these mobile apps.

According to official sources, Deaconess health Systems, stands to be the first user of these applications to help treat COVID patients.

Commenting on the launch of mobile applications, the CEO of MobileSmith Health, Jerry Lepore stated that the company is making these mobile offerings immediately available to its more than 200 hospital customers while waiving subscription fees and licensing, and deferring invoicing in order to let the health providers deliver focus and attention to the crisis itself.

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