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Monsoon Blockchain forms key partnerships to develop next-gen fintech

Monsoon Blockchain forms key partnerships to develop next-gen fintech
Monsoon Blockchain forms key partnerships to develop next-gen fintech

Monsoon Blockchain Corporation, which is a premier blockchain firm in Asia revolutionizing the adoption of an extremely safe decentralized asset management, has reportedly inked a partnership with DraperDragon Fund, Studio Cross Creek Media, OSL from the BC Group which is the largest digital asset platform in Asia, and BSN’s CarbonBlue.

Apparently, the deals made by the blockchain company shows a significant move for digital assets, blockchain as well as the expansion of Hollywood and global media. These partners would be creating a global powerhouse across the Asia-Pacific region that aims to use the industry-leading blockchain technology to cater to their business requirements.

According to sources familiar with the matter, the Monsoon-OSL deal shall be exploring various opportunities to be able to boost the drive to digitalizing of money, decentralized blockchain ledgers wherein every transaction as well as the storage of data and payments, assets and currencies shall be inviolably recorded. The combination of the intellectual property, large scale investors, blockchain capabilities and deal flow will help Monsoon Blockchain to build a digital asset powerhouse across Asia and the U.S.

OSL is known to be the most comprehensive digital asset platform in Hong Kong that offers brokerage, custody service, software as a service and exchange for the institutions as well as professional investors. OSL tends to maintain more than $1.5 billion in transactions every month in digital asset trading.

The value for cross border as well as business-to-business payments on blockchain systems had accounted for $171 billion in the current year. It has been estimated that this number could increase to more than $4.4. trillion by the year 2024.

Fidelity International, which is originally a spin-off from Fidelity Investments, a financial services brand in the U.S., has invested in the BC Group. BC Group is the crypto exchange OSL’s operator that is based in Hong Kong.


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